S.S., WI, USA  
"I reached out to Burcu looking for a fellow parent on this same path of awakening and someone I could relate to.  I was not disappointed.  I have had consults and energy work from others, which was great, but those folks did not have young children and they just could not relate to what I was feeling and the struggles I was having.  Burcu immediatly understood me.  Metaphysical or not, you can see it in her eyes.  She knows exatly what a parent trying to awaken is going through.  Burcu makes you feel so comfortable and appreciated and loved that you don't want the consult to end!  This awakening process has pretty much isolated me from others and I was feeling very alone on an island.  My consult with Burcu really helped me to remember I'm not alone.  The energy work she did with me was like nothing I have ever felt.  As I mentioned, I have had energy work before and I have felt some tingling in my body and the thick head feeling.  Burcu's energy work was 10 times more intense, in a good way.  A powerful, intense, euphoric, numbing vibration went through my entire body, not just my head.  It was immediate, like 0 to 150mph right now, bam!  It felt so good and loving and warm that it turned me back in to a little boy being hugged by mommy.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It was the most amazing thing I have felt in my life and yes, I have done some recreational drugs as a younger man.  This was light years better.  Anyway, I cant recommend speaking to Burcu enough, especially if you are a parent of young kids.  Contact her today!  You wont be disappointed." 

(January, 2019)

Paul C. , MO, USA
" Burcu is extremely accurate in what she sees it is like she is sitting right there next to you. Very down to Earth and really easy to talk to. No judgment at all. We all have to wake up and start somewhere, and Burcu will give you a great starting point and a excellent guide along the way. Highly recommend Burcu's services. You won't be disappointed."
(December, 2018)

Gordana S. ,Toronto CA
My daughter and I had a consultation with energy work with Burcu. It was an expirience of a life time. We finally felt we completed a very important task for our exsistence. Burcu spent about two hours with us answering every question under the sun. She is so patient and amazing young lady. I feel her presence all the time. Also her power level is  strong. Wow that is all we can say."
(November, 2017)

Daniel R. D. ,Venezuela  
This is my journey of awakening and my reviews one year after recieving the consultation with the energy work with Burcu.
I can tell that from the start, before having the consult, I've had a lot of doubts about my self, due to some expieriences that I've had since childhood related with seeing and feeling some things around me, that I didn't know how to explain to other people, and as I grew up I even wasn't sure if they were real or not. When I talked to you I finally found comfort, because I felt that you were someone who really understand of what I was talking about and you also helped me realize those events really happened and also explained to me what was about. It is like I knew you truly know. 

Besides that, after the energy work done, I can tell that days , even months after, I could feel from time to time how my energy fields started to get more active and stronger. Sometimes I felt heat and bubling sensations on the top of my head, soft preasure and some kind of pulsing in my head, like it is beating, and also sometimes I get some funny beatings in my heart... feels like some airy sesations. (sometimes I feel very slow or sleepy without an aparent reason). I'm seeing things now with more clarity, I now can tell more easily the differences between the images that I create or my thougts from the ones that just pop up, or are the ones that are not mine ... So that is giving me an understanding of how we comunicate with our spirit guides and other beings in general. I also see clearly the signs when they leave... Thats when I know they are trying to give me a message.
I also notice growing of general awareness in me, and that makes me also understand all other people and all that we experience through this life.  That has been also great help for me, because it brings me calm to see things better... And I've gained a lot of confidence that I didn't have before... I feel like I was exposed to a lot of stressing noisy situations that didn't helped me to listen to my self... But since my growth from the energy work, I feel I've developed that strenght to keep going and to trust my self.

Very cool expieriences I've been having too. One of them is that I can almost see or remember now a lot of dreams that I had months or even years back... Sounds crazy. But it is true... It's like I can see them as clear memories. I notice that I've seen images what looks like memories from past lives too. And also recieve images or scenes from other places... Probably coming from other physical beings (ETs , Fae). That's very cool because I wan't to know about them. Also I've been attracted to the Fae since child. I have that desire to connect with other beings. That is something I'm working on more now. Understanding it. Practicing. I can also feel better now how it feels like when my pineal, crown or my heart is active... Like I can see them separately and also feel it better, more precise (stones had helped me out with this too)

I know I will be learning more and more and I feel I keep growing inside.

I wan't to finish expressing my biggest gratitude for helping me out. It really brought a warm hug to myself forever. So I send back an other big one to you... : ) "
(August, 2017)

Alfonso B. , CA,USA
Hello there. I'm Alfonso B. from California. I'm sharing my Consultation with Energy Work 5/31/2017 experience that I've gotten from the lovely beautiful humble Burcu, who was very helpful for me. I was so nervous days before, but on the day, we started doing energy work and it felt like my head was spinning but not dizzy (good feeling). Also my head felt like it had some light energy pressure lifted off, like no roof top and even now when I touch it, like somehow my brain is unlocked, and cant feel that old energy aura feeling close to my head anymore because it's everywhere now lol, even when our session was over, my brain felt like moving water bed in my head, moving around really! Also around my third eye area, on my forehead, it feels like a huge open empty space and it feels more relaxing when I focus when I look at something. Even when I go out in public, life in the sun feels awesome!! Even more after mediation! It has been almost a month for now, strange dreams about going places!! Lol  I see strong colors forming, appearing in front of me during the day and especially at night. No lie, getting stronger!! Yeah, hearing funny popping sounds in my ears,  for some strange reason, every since i had the session, my damn body is getting turn off for most animal meats!! Hahaha  losing weight in a good way! Younger in the face, many changes through me, like DNA, my intuition has increased and so much more! I recommend everyone to do it? Thanks again beautiful  Burcu"
(June, 2017)

Marita W. , MD, USA
"Just like my very first consult in January 2017 my experience with Burcu was amazing. 
This time, I also received energy enhancement for myself and my stones that I had at that time. 
I had all my crystals and stones on the "right" side next to my computer. She cranked up all of them and while she was doing that, she also helped me to feel these stones. It was so awesome, it felt like she enabled me to feel these stones in a brand new way. After that she asked me if I have any stone on the "left" side of my computer, but there was none. That was kind of odd....??? I suddenly remembered that I have rocks outside the house in my backyard. Anyway.... she said oh well, one of them definitely got cranked up too.
Of course after my consult with Burcu, I went outside to look at the stone she felt, it was lying at least 10 feet away from the place where I was sitting inside the house. My 5 year old son (at the time) found this stone 1996 in Germany. In 2002 it moved with us to the US. We used to have it in the house but for some reason it ended up in my garden. I took pictures of this brain shaped rock and sent it to Burcu. Come to find out this rock is star-essenite. Needless to say, it is back in the house with me and is part of my crystal and stone family. 
That was MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!
Here are glimpses of my experiences after the energy work with Burcu.
*Interest and love for crystal/stones deepened immensely. 
*In spite of hurtful circumstances, able to maintain balance and peace.
*Relaxations and meditations getting better and are more frequent.
*Do not mind being alone.
*More depth in feeling and reading people.
*More able to dissolve my timid, insecure, self criticizing, self limiting thinking and find more confidence in myself.
*Able to forgive myself and others.
*Constantly seeing 11,22,33 and so on.
*Feeling protected.
*Seeing colors more intense.
*Growing desire to be of service.
The rest I cannot put into words.
All I know is...my life seem to become much more easier, no more extreme ups and downs and less self doubts.
I am so glad I found you BURCU!!!
I am forever thankful...."
(May, 2017)
Michael (Mihai) S. , Romania
"Hi! l recomend her because l felt her energy and strength. l have had a consultation with her and it helped me understand things about my life, my past and l managed to understand how my guides comunicate with me when l use oracle cards. Today l have had an entire evening dancing (l was guided by them this way) :). She is honest and does everything she can to help you, just be honest and make a list before with your questions, so it is more time eficient. Also listen to her, because you already know your opinion but you would want to know her opinion about things  ;). My cranked up stones by her are very strong now, she cranked them all up and l have lots of stones. Overall it was a very good experience for my development and l thank her with all my heart. "
( May, 2017) 

R onda J. ,NE, USA
"First off, I want to say that I chose Burcu for this guidance, based on Jay making it clear he felt she was powerful, and on the facts that she had such a unusual name from my perspective, and her photo on her site appealed to me, and that she had children. Those might sound like odd reasons, but they are mine, and they weren't just arbitrary, I also felt drawn to her. I, personally will often choose men as my doctors or dentists because I often feel men are more forthright, so by no means did I expect to choose a woman.
I emailed Burcu Gozler, and she responded quite quickly, and I issued payment at once. She called me a few days later and we had a lovely chat while she did her work. We easily went over our time allotment, although I didn't realize it until we'd hung up our phones, and because I do respect the time she gave me, I want to say an especial thank you to her.
I'm not awake enough to feel secure about my progress yet, although I'm sure that if I'm off the mark, I'll be allowed to return and try again, my desire is to be as beneficial to myself. and anyone else possible, without losing sight of my own understanding. So I chose some guidance, and what I received was just that. Ms Gozler also talked to me about stones a bit, and I do have some understanding of stones, and respect for them, but I've never personally EVER consciously felt any kind of indication that stones had energy. For me they have always been just stones. I've given them as gifts, raised my children to love them, I'm careful where I purchase them from, and I do provide them sunlight for their own "growth". However, Ms. Onder and I spoke about stones briefly, and I had an experience with one of my rose quartz that I've never had before. I'm mostly bedridden, disabled, and pissed as hell about it. Anyways, I was laying in bed while I spoke with Burcu and when the situation came up, this rose quartz I was holding in a nest of my ten fingers, I got the distinct impression that its (energy?) was pressing down on my lungs and body, into the mattress, but it wasn't painful. It was a kind of satisfied warmth.
After our session ended I immediately fell asleep for several hours and while I can't say that my head felt differently, but I did experience sinus pressure while she said she was working on me, and it comes and goes this last week. There are so many things I could tell you about my experience, but I've decided they are my experiences, and while I don't have much issue with sharing, I don't want to encourage any comparisons of my experience to anyone else's. We all have our own experiences that are our own. I'll encourage you to send her an email requesting her time and energy, and understand that although you will benefit from th
is kind of service, so will Burcu. So it is not a one-sided deal, as if you send her money and then she does a reading. This is a shared experience.  Information will lead you to your truth."

(February, 2017)

Tabitha J. ,NY, USA
"Burcu is a very unique individual in her own way. Confident, kind and caring human being. She answered all my questions that I wanted to asked her. She helped me with so much of my past that was troubling me and took the time to explain it in detail so I could understand things better. She assured me that I was not going crazy, that I was experiencing all the things that I was hearing and seeing was real. She also did my crank up. That was such a amazing experience! I would recommend her to everyone that is opened to the truth and are ready to wake up. "
( February, 2017)

Scott J. H. , NC, USA
"Powerful Being!
Intelligence beyond our realm . . .
love for YOUR EMPOWERMENT . . .
Seek then within Burcu Gozler observations/opinions concerning much love and strength . . .
About Yourself . . .
A Wonderful Messenger!"

( January, 2017)

Marita W. , MD, USA
"I recently had a consult with this lovely Being called Burcu. A woman who really has the intention and the ability to help you. She can see things so precise it will blow your mind. With her kind way and incredible insight she will reveal things to you with enormous accuracy. She will answer your questions and will give you her input on problems you might have with such loving intensions. She felt like a sister to me, one you can trust and share your deepest secrets with. She does everything in her power to be of help to you. To me personally she is an awesome, loving, kind representative of Source Spirit who will leave you in Awwh."
( January, 2017 )

Phillip A. , IA, USA
" I am new to this metaphysical stuff and I have heard a lot of nice things about Burcu and I decided to contact her for a full consult with energy work. Before the consult I was really nervous because I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew it was going to be special. She was super friendly and extremely patient with me. She helped me to see how I was being abused with some thoughts that were being placed in my mind. I have had a fairly tough life and when she told me that, it just gave me so much relief. Words can't describe how big of an impact that has had on me. Since then I have been able to intercept more and more of those negative thoughts and their effects are becoming more and more frivolous. It's been almost 2 months since my consult and I can't believe how much progress I'm making some of my own abilities are actually waking up. I've never felt this good about myself my whole life. I have so much to look forward to now. It feels like I have a new beginning and I owe her so much for everything. I don't know how I will ever repay her. Please get a consult with her it's best thing you can do for yourself or anyone you care about. I plan on contacting her again. "
( November, 2016 )

Dominick P. , UK
" Let me tell you Burcu is an amazing metaphysical practitioner. I went ahead and scheduled a full consultation with her with enhancement work after an email consultation and I know inside my self it was an extremely smart and fulfilling investment. I am already feeling clearer in my mind and I can see a positive path in front of me, I can't believe how quickly my attitude and outlook on life have changed. My diet has changed immediately back to the way I used to eat before, and my first serious meditation since the consultation was fantastic too. It was clearer and easier to go into myself I was very pleased with it. I am so grateful to Burcu for the work and time she has given me. She is a fantastic lady and I'm definitely going to book a follow up consultation later in the year. I promise you if you book a consultation with her you won't be disappointed! "
( September, 2016 )

Shane K. , Canada
" I've been working with Burcu for a while now and I am always amazed at the depth of her abilities. She has an amazing clarity and ability to see into the metaphysical and relay those details in a way that is clear and precise. I've been developing my abilities and working on my clarity and understanding. With Burcu's guidance she has helped me hone my abilities to new levels. It is an absolute joy to work with her. She genuinely cares and that love and passion for what she does shines through in every interaction. She has become a cherished friend that always knows how to point you in the right direction. My hope is to one day be able to repay her for all the love and guidance."
( August,2016 )

Dominick P. , UK 
" I had heard quite a bit about Burcu over the past few months and have wanted to get a consultation with her for a while. I chose to get an email consultation where you ask 3 questions. I took my time choosing my questions before I went ahead with it, and the answers I got where fantastic. I can tell you the next day at work I felt so great, I was more relaxed, focused, less anxious and more content in myself.  It was like Burcu reignited something inside me I forgot I had and I just felt more me again, I'm looking forward to the future more and I'm definitely gonna get a full consultation a.s.a.p. This lady is so full of love shes awesome I advise anybody to get a consultation straight away:)"
( August, 2016 )

Ben S. , UK
" I recently had a consultation and energy work with Burcu. It was more than a fantastic experience and also in itself a re-connection. Not only Burcu is a very powerful and skilled metaphysical practitioner, but I also feel that she is a prime example and ambassador of the divine feminine. Upon starting the consult I could feel how strong and pure her heart energy was and had clicked pretty quickly frequency wise so I could really be myself while communicating. The energy work provided speaks for itself.  Just after a short time (within the day) I could already feel a huge difference in seeing, feeling much stronger and a vibrational shift immediately. This gave me much more clarity in ways and a better connection also with messages. I also feel much stronger connection with my beloved felines and I feel there is also a better, perhaps telepathic connection with them when I am in the zone. Not only we managed to have a good laugh during the session, Burcu also gave me conformation on many things that had me in deep wonder, from childhood to past lives. As she is highly accurate at what she sees an picks up, she portrays herself in a manner of caring and nurturing way. I feel like I have moved further into my heart space more so. I have recommended her to my friends as I feel like they will benefit also. One thing that I found funny although pretty cool was that she mentioned that she had been my step mother in past life , which kinda explained the feeling of re-connection. I am very grateful and appreciative for the service and I'm sure she will bring many others the answers for what they seek. Thank you Burcu! Much love and eternal happiness."

( May, 2016 )

Fulvio B. , NJ, USA
" Hi you all. My name is Fulvio, I'm from NJ and i had a wonderful chat with Burcu couple months ago. I can tell you that just talking to her is a tremendous experience,as you can feel her wonderful loving and nurturing energy all around your energy field. Along my journey of becoming my self , I been left with lots of questions and I was very fortunate to have answers from her. After my consult, I have had a wonderful out of body experience! I have been closer to my spirit animal guides, my gut feeling is stronger, my pineal keeps getting better and clearer. In general, I got to a totally new level of awakening in a very short period of time. She did also crank up my stones and let me tell you!! They are in some sort of metaphysical juice!! I will highly recommend any one to get in touch with her before the waiting list becomes unbearable. Thank you Burcu, much love!! "
(April, 2016)

Christoff, BC, Canada
" I'm happy to share about Burcu assisting me to dissolve what felt like locks in my energy body. I've long felt something interfering on my right side in energy body. She was able to assist me to dissolve it and the lock is gone now. In January and last month my right knee suddenly became weak and was constantly jumping in and out of place. As of this month, March, when Burcu completed some energy work on my knee. It is actually recovering and rarely jumps out of place any more! I do recall what felt to me like a hired black magician, working at the local casino, come and touch my right shoulder and I felt some weird energy being transferred; now thanks to her, she removed I've long felt something interfering on my right side in energy body. Thanks to her energy work, the lock's gone. Best from BC, land of sasquatches... "
( March, 2016 )

Dustin A. , PA, USA
" My experience with Burcu's consultations were very accurate and to the point. She has such a big heart and her warm words resonated with me in such a profound way. When I did my first crank up I was apprehensive but after it was over I felt more alive than I ever had. She has a way with words and is able to put anything in its proper perspective. We all need our conformations and Burcu was able to answer a lot of deep questions and now that weight is off my sholders. She also cranked up my stones and let me tell you, they are singing. I've been to many metaphysical practitioners and Burcu is the only one that was able to help me become better myself and She is really humble and caring person. I have made a new friend. "
( January,2016 )

Sanja C.M. , Slovenia
" First time I saw her on YouTube, I felt something and decided to contact her.  She responded in timely manner. We just clicked right away. She has shown me the side of love I have never understood before that. I didn't even know it existed. My energy work with her was very honest, open and simple. I was very nervous prior the session, but her energy calmed me down. Since then, I see the world with totally different eyes. Because of her and changes I experienced,  the year 2015 was the best year of my life!! "
( January,2016 )

Nate L. S. , FL, USA
" Hello and thanks for the crank up Burcu. This is Naton S. and what I can say from my own experience is that I never knew that u could change your life in a moment... When I mean a moment, I mean over the phone. Burcu has change my life forever! During my crank up, I could feel some things that I never knew was possible, and after the crank up I held the crystal that she referred to me and have never been the same. My third eye was open and after  the crank up I have been seeing even more then I could think possible. Burcu is the real deal and I will have her back no matter what! Thank you Burcu for helping me wake up to whats real!!! "
( December,2015 )

Donna W. ,WA, USA
" My session was very highly energetic. I could feel the different areas Burcu was working on and felt huge shifts in my spine and skull including brilliant flashes of colors and was euphoric. Feeling
the information on my base energy and percentages of negativity and auric colors were very meaningful and validated by auric photos I have had taken in earlier days. Burcu’s intimate inner wisdom and open caring heart and clarity as a metaphysical practitioner is beautiful and worth the fee in my opinion. The sessions and stones have changed my life!"
( November,2015 )

Matt C. ,NY, USA
“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Burcu for a while now, and I couldn’t recommend her enough to people searching for their own truth. Whether it’s providing readings, crank-up’s, putting her energy into stones (She did mine from a distance!) she does it all, and has helped me in numerous ways.  Remember, you have the pleasure of speaking with a very powerful pure source energy being, that has returned this lifetime to spread wisdom once again, to help people navigate life’s choppy waters, and ultimately to help bring balance to creation.  Call her!!!!”  
( October,2015 )