About Me

  Burcu Onder
    I spent my childhood and college years in Turkey.  After I moved to the states and taught myself  English, I was able to access different information available that I did not have before. I also had a chance to connect with people with different perceptions and backgrounds. I started to research about many conspiracy theories and mysteries to find my own truth.  Once all the puzzle pieces I needed were falling into their places ,my journey to find my true self began, and it will not end until I leave my body. After I  realized I cannot find my own truth on the internet, I started to search within. I discovered my abilities such as feeling energy and working with energy, feeling auras and frequencies, empathy, enhancing metaphysical qualities of stones and crystals, as well as metaphysical enhancement work for individuals. Since I started to evolve into my true self, I have been in contact with beings from different planets  and dimensions through symbols, geometric patterns, and imagery. I am learning to read messages given from helpful beings from different dimensions. I evaluate, see and feel everything with my abilities as energy and frequency. Being an Earth lover since birth, and mother of two, I strongly believe in compassion, honor,  and equality for all creation. 
I am dedicated to help to reach that format as a creation family.